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3-in-1 Ribbon Cable


Product name: 3 in 1 Ribbon Charging Cable - SC09

Interface: USB 2.0 / Type C / Lightning & Micro USB (combined).

Material: ABS+polyester.

Function: charging data.

Length: 90cm (length can be customized).

Product color: blue, white, red, color can be customized.

Applicable models: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other market smart phones


3 in 1 ribbon charging cable, works for both iPhone, devices with Micro USB and also Type C. 

Designed with soft and lightweight polyester noodle line, everything is very smart and nicely built-in! 

Practical carabiner for eg name tag or trade card is included. A perfect and affordable product for the fair or as a giveaway. 

With drop-out digital printing, the tape can be colored and printed in any color on both the inside and outside, also possible to press the plastic hat.

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