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PB010 Qi Powerbank


Slim Wireless Charger Power Bank – PB010

Product size: 129×67×9mm (5000mAh), 153 x 73 x 11 mm (8000mAh).

Capacity: 5000mAh, 8000mAh.

Battery type: 6060100 x 1pc or 7565121 x 1pc.

Input: 5V / 2.1A.

Out Put: 5V / 2.1A, 5W (wireless charging).

Wireless charging: 5W. PD18W fast charging is optional.

Available colors: Black, Red, Silver, Gold, Blue.


Wireless charging + Mobile power supply -- Two modes for free use as you like. 

Slim and portable, easy to put in your pocket. LED battery indicator light to identify battery status at a glance.

5000mAh or 8000 mAh power bank with aluminum housing. Supports 5W wireless charging and also comes with Type C output or Micro USB output for charging with a cable. It can fully charge a smartphone several times.

It is very perfect for corporate events, educational seminars, trade shows and many other venues. A practical product which will bring more surprises for you. .

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