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  • Printed USB Flash Drives

If you need printed USB flash drives and are up against a tight deadline, we can help. Providing you have your artwork ready to go, you can confirm an order and you can turnaround a proof approval quickly then we can supply printed flash drives in just 3~4 days. Yes, that's printed flash drives in your hands with your logo on in as little as 5 days.

Difficult to believe but not only is it possible but it's something we have done time and time again to help customers who are in a bind.

  • Data Loading Service

Within the 3~4 days, it's sometimes also possible to pre-load data onto your flash drives as well. Whether we can do this depends on how quickly you can get the data to us, how large the data files are that need loading and how busy our data-loading team are with scheduled work.

Where we can we'll try to accommodate your needs so please call or email us to discuss your requirements.

1. Logo Imprint Options: Silk screen printing, Pad printing, Emboss, Doming, Full color printing, Laser Engraving. 

  • Emboss (Relief)


  • Epoxy Dome (Doming)

    Epoxy Dome (Doming).jpg

  • Full Color Printing

    Full Color Printing.jpg

  • Laser Engraving

    Laser Engraving.jpg

  • Pad Printing

    Pad Printing.jpg

  • Silk Printing

    Silk Printing.jpg

And others: Full color imprint including white colors (parts),  Anodization (black/blue/red…), etc..

2. Logo Size (Template).

3. Data Uploading.

information preloading, directly uploading (deletable), non-deletable (non-erasable) uploading, Autorun (POP-UP) Function, Webkey, Volume label and Disk icon in custom made showing. 

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    +86 755 8529 0979 / 2306 3583

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    supo_sales08 / jason19830105

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    3F/4F, The 23rd Building, Long Bi Industry Park, Ban Tian, Long Gang District, Shenzhen, China. Zip Code 518129

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