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  • Product Manager

    Description of job:

    1. Participate in the strategic planning of the company's product development, determine the technology realization risks that product development may face, and the feasibility analysis of the technical plan;

    2. Participate in product marketing objectives, product strategy, product pricing, promotion strategies and competitive strategies;

    3. Participate in the company's marketing materials, help documents, CD-ROMs, brochures, websites, etc., to promote the company's image in the best way;

    4. Responsible for comprehensive analysis of market and product competition to provide information support for marketing decisions and product planning;

    5. Responsible for refining solutions, product highlights and selling points, planning and producing various marketing tools;

    6. Responsible for the support of new product and program training.

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above in science and engineering, major in computer, communication, electronics, etc.;

    2. Proficient in communication network protocols, with many years of experience in large-scale network planning and design;

    3. Over five years of experience in monitoring product industry operations or marketing;

    4. Have excellent market analysis and planning, brand planning and promotion capabilities;

    5. Familiar with the operation mode of video surveillance industry, with keen insight into product and industry status;

    6. Familiar with industry trends and operational development trends, with good industry analysis, judgment and writing skills;

    7. Have good planning, execution and business development capabilities, and successful experience in implementing project management operations independently is preferred;

    8. Have good communication skills and team awareness, be able to adhere to the correct point of view and have greater flexibility.

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    +86 755 8529 0979 / 2306 3583

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    supo_sales08 / jason19830105

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    4F, The 23rd Building, Long Bi Industry Park, Ban Tian, Long Gang District, Shenzhen, China. Zip Code 518129

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